Why NYL?

Carol founded NYL in 2012. Rooted in botanicals and created in small batches from only the good stuff. NYL is vegan, cruelty-free and nothing but fresh, clean, pure & potent. No compromises. That’s NYL. 

So what’s your story, Carol?

Recently my team asked me to write a “founder’s story” and I was like: Guys, it’s just me — Carol. I’m not Steve Jobs over here. I’m Carol from Bucks County. All I was trying to do was find some natural products that actually worked and were kind to my skin. Easy right? Well, not really. Even some of the products that said they were natural really weren’t.

What does NYL mean?

It’s simple, it means nothing, nada, NYL. Honestly, it’s just a lot of saying “no” to keep all the bad stuff out and all the good stuff in. And saying no is the fun part — but “doing no” is the hard part. And that’s NYL.

What makes NYL better?

Natural active ingredients are only at their peak potency and efficacy for a limited amount of time — so they absolutely have to be fresh. But I, Carol, say “no” to all the bad stuff that’s usually in products to make them last longer. Because while that may be good for business it goes against our philosophy. 

How did you create NYL?

I was having a really hard time finding products that were natural and fresh. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a product where when I read the list of ingredients, I actually understood what most of them were – what an idea! I spent a whole year reading everything I could get my hands on, burning the midnight (essential) oil (haha), and testing everything on myself and friends & family. I walked around for weeks covered in botanical oils. Even my cat, Cashmere, was looking at me like “what is she doing?” And then I started getting compliments. That’s how NYL was born.

How do you deliver the freshest, cleanest product?

That was the toughest part of the puzzle. I just create everything in limited-quantity, small batches to get NYL products to folks while their natural ingredients are at peak potency. I personally create all the products, new batches every 4-6 weeks, and ship directly to our customers. I believe that extra effort makes all the difference.

What is the NYL Promise Seal?

It’s the proof of our philosophy. Each product is personally hand stamped by me, Carol. With batch and expiration date on the front of the box and on the products themselves. This stamp is my promise to you because I believe transparency is essential to clean efficacious skincare.

What would you say to people new to NYL?

I’d say I’m so so happy you’re trying it and I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy making it. I still can't believe it, I did this thing and it turned into a thing and now it’s a real thing. So, yes, please try it and then please let me know what you think. You can reach me at carol@nylskincare.com.