Ashley Weatherford, The Cut's Senior Beauty Editor, talks about what's next in body scrubs. "Body scrubs are old, really basic skin-care treatments that require limited efforts to make at home. It’s because of this that I think big beauty brands take turns trying to reinvent the scrub wheel — to steer you away from obviously simple and affordable DIY remedies. For a while this resulted in microbeads, and we know how that turned out. The latest innovation, though, makes your skin literally shine, and that’s the kind of scrub I can actually get behind...."  read more




Mara Rodale shares her 5 favorites for feeling beautiful for the holiday season. (#1 is our Shimmer Scrub)  "Tis the season to sparkle, shine, and get dressy! In honor of the upcoming holidays—and all the parties, hosting, and dressing up they entail—here are my favorite earth-friendly holiday essentials for creating a look that will leave you feeling beautiful inside and out...."  read more



Guest contributor, Ashlee Piper, the lady behind the eco-conscious blog The Little Foxes, shares her favorite all-natural vegan facial oils.  "...Sure, there were days when anyone plagued with acne would have stared at you in disbelief had you suggested they moisturize with oil. But, now that the protestations of the early '90s acne-phobes have faded away, hopefully, you’re aware of the healing properties and dewy glow that only a good oil can bring to the table..."  read more


Taylor Bryant's Summer-Beauty Guide to Shine.  "Glitter may reign supreme during the holiday months, but I'm calling bullshit on that being the only time you can shine bright like the diamond you are." ... read more

Katie O'Sullivan, The Green Product Junkie, shares her love of rose scent, real rose that is, and shares a few of her favorite rose products. "Why does rose get such a bad rap?  Well, it shouldn't when we're talking about natural skincare and fragrance.  A real, beautiful rose scent is absolutely gorgeous, a synthetic one?  Not so much..."  read more  


Gifts for Girlfriends That Take the Stress Out of Shopping.  "As the holidays approach, it is important to be sure that you have the right gift for each of your girlfriends. But sometimes it can be hard to choose something that suits their personalities and interests to a tee, especially when each person in your group of girlfriends is so different"...  read more

Sarah Campbell interviews Carol Sondesky for  "...So you cut gluten, meat, or dairy (or all three!) out of your diet, and you’re increasing the real estate of veggies on your plate. But what about your skin care? Shouldn’t the products you put on your face be as clean as what you’re eating?..." read more


In this video, Gabrielle St. Claire, creator of the popular blog EatDrinkShrink, shares her comments on our brand. She also provides her written review here.


Monique Reavis is the woman behind Goddess Huntress, a green beauty blog and online magazine. She sampled our Foaming Castile Hand Soap and here's what she has to say about it.  "...In my bathroom, I have been serving dessert. Totally un-hygenic sounding, but that is definitely not the case." read more


 Kelsey is a 24-year-old food and makeup addict from Tampa. From beauty to cooking, she's all about simplicity and shortcuts. Watch her video review of our Starter Kit, and read more here