About Us

Our Story  Like so many of you, I've been a bit obsessed with ingredients over the last few years.  It started with the the food I was eating, and when I got that cleaned up I started looking at my skincare routine. After some research I found that there’s a general lack of regulation in the skincare industry and especially in labeling. Sadly, there's no clear definition of what "all natural" really means and that leaves a lot up for interpretation.  As a result you can walk into a health food store and buy a product labeled “all natural", that is anything but, and it's perfectly legal. That was disturbing. 

So I started experimenting and making my own lotion (I mentioned I was a little obsessive, didn't I?). After a lot of trial and error I perfected my recipe — the final product is recipe #32 — and started using it regularly.  Friends and family started using it, then requesting it. 

I was never a fan of lotions and creams, they never completely absorbed and always felt like they left a film on my skin, and what I really loved about my new lotion recipe was that it absorbed completely and left no residue behind.  So I started experimenting with other products — serums, scrubs, etc.  I never had great skin but after using my newly created serum for a couple of weeks I started to see improvement in fine lines and noticing a radiance that I never had before. My oily skin became less oily, I now consider it normal, and my large pores shrunk.  

Through all the experimentation I discovered how very simple products can be quite effective and feel very luxurious and knew there were alot of others out there looking for the same clean approach to beauty. The rest is history.

Environmental Awareness  nyl products are made with all natural ingredients, no man-made chemicals, and only natural preservatives.  We use the EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to check all of our ingredients and only use those that rank in the "low hazard" range. The database is a great resource if you're interested in researching what's in your existing skincare routine.

We are proud to use ingredients that don’t have a negative effect on the environment, and our goal is to use eco-friendly glass packaging for as many of our products as possible, keeping plastic to a minimum.

Our Commitment  Our testing ground has always been in the kitchen and we plan to keep it that way as we grow. Our products are so pure you could actually eat them — not that you would want to — but we apply the same scrutiny to what we put on our skin as what we put in our body.

We are thrilled to bring these products to you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.

Carol Sondesky
Founder, nyl skincare