Small, But Mighty: The Strength of Green January 15 2015, 4 Comments

A force

We are, you know. We are a force.

What else would you call a group of individuals that have questioned, researched, spoken out and demanded to know what was being put into their skincare, makeup and food? A group of people who have brought some of the largest beauty and food brands to their knees, forcing them to be transparent about their ingredients and, as a result of their outspokenness, created a curiosity within the mainstream?

I would say that’s one powerful bunch, and if you don’t believe me, answer me this: What if someone told you a few years ago that non-toxic skincare and makeup was being sold inside of a conventional drug store or supermarket? You. Would. Never. Have. Believed. It. Or how people who have been using the same toxic deodorant for years are now open to, and searching out, non-toxic alternatives?   Well, that’s exactly what we, as a community, have done and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Our stories

We all have our own stories of how we became interested in what we put in and on our bodies. For me, it started with food. Suspecting I had a gluten allergy a few years ago forced me into lots of label reading and research. Through my reading, I became curious as to why there was a need for gluten-free skincare and makeup. After all, if it wasn’t something I was going to be eating, what did it matter? That’s when it hit me that much of what we put on our skin and lips can be absorbed into the bloodstream. With this, I became pretty obsessed about what was in my skincare products and, not finding what I needed, inspired me to start creating my own products. I began making my own body lotion and after many tries, I got it right, friends loved it and so began my new love of creating skincare.

The future

Great things are happening. We’ve created a new category in skincare, makeup and food, and people are getting healthier as a result of it. We’re getting the word out there about how toxic ingredients are linked to certain cancers, infertility, reproductive problems, learning disabilities and skin allergies. GMOs are no longer a mystery and due to public outcry, brands are now feeling the pressure to come clean about what they’re feeding us.

So be confident in all of this and know that through being agents of change, we’re improving the lives of many, many people, their families and future generations. Keep being curious, reading, buying organic when possible, replacing toxic old favorites for healthier ones, and share your knowledge with those that might be open to it. I just know that one day we’ll come to realize that we were that small group of thoughtful, committed citizens who changed the world.


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